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Sonar moves to July in 2019

The Barcelona festival, which just wrapped up its 25th anniversary edition, traditionally takes place in June. Thanks to a huge textile fair, it will now run from July 18th to 20th in 2019, before returning to its regular schedule in 2020.

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Sonar празнува 25 години с музиката на Richie Hawtin и Jean Michel Jarre в космоса

След 25 годишно сканиране на планетата Земя за най-добрите таланти и идеи в сферата на звука и музиката, Sónar насочва антената си към открития космос, излъчвайки музика отвъд границите на Сънчевата система в търсене на интелигентен извънземен живот.

KiNK – Playground

KiNK – Playground

Writing album reviews for dance music right now is in hiatus. Reviewers nowadays are in strange position – on one hand there is the pressure from labels, who actually prefer their release not to be reviewed, rather than the release being labelled as bad or mediocre.

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Insomniac Techno Night in Primorsko in August

In 2016, Metropolis celebrated its 20th anniversary and presented a bunch of techno artists to the Bulgarian audience. The strong party line continued throughout this year as well, and besides the new locations for their triumphal annual events, the oldest techno team in Bulgaria continued its expansion in the country, returning to Plovdiv –

Sonar представиха изцяло обновен мобилен app

Sonar Festival представиха изцяло обновеното си мобилно приложение, което тази година е съвместна разработка с GreenCopper. Освен пълен редизайн, мобилната апликация включва и няколко нови екстри, като Friendfinder –

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