Ellen Allien: I Love To Watch People While I Am Playing

BPitch Control's head honcho is one of Metropolis' 2019 Total Heroes

This Saturday (30.03.2019) Metropolis returns with the 2019 second instalment of their Total Heroes party series with a bunch of iconic techno artist – DVS1, Setaoc Mass and one of Berlin finest – her majesty Ellen Allien.

Ellen is a dynamic selector who prides herself on her extensive knowledge of music and dance floors worldwide, she has travelled the globe as a DJ playing at every major club on the circuit and commanding the big stage at festivals from Europe to South America. Her eternally creative mind has led to the production of seven solo albums, with an eighth Alientronic due in 2019, and an extensive back catalogue of singles, EPs and remix work.

20 years ago she founded one of the most respected labels to date – BPitch Control, channelling her ceaseless passion for digging into A&R, seeking out and nurturing new talent while also signing music from established artists and friends. Also dedicated to self-expression through visual media; art, fashion and her own personal styling, Ellen has been an intrinsic, highly influential part of the subculture in her native Berlin, cultivating her own identity while also guiding the evolution of electronic music in her hometown with global influence.

So we are highly thrilled to had the chance of having a few words with Ellen Allien amongst her busy schedule and ahead of her upcoming gig at Metropolis Heroes Total 2.0, the release of her 8th solo album and the BPitch Control 20th Anniversary.

Ellen Allien © Stini Roehrs

This year BPitch Control turns 20. What it’s like being behind one of world’s legendary imprints and what is the secret of its ever going success?
It’s all about music and energy, to work with talented artists which have to say something via their music and which are touching me. The music has to create energy and vibrations. That’s it.

You’ve started a new label UFO Inc. How this label differs from BPitch and what to expect from it? Any upcoming artists involved in the roster?
UFO Inc. Records gives space for different artists, more club oriented. This week UFO2 was released by Alien Rain. The upcoming releases are not defined yet. We have planned 4 releases a year, not more, we want to keep it exclusive.

Your 8th album is coming out in May. Tell us a bit more about it…
The album tells stories about my life, about separations and experiences with people or the sadness about how people are treating each other. I tested them in my DJ sets and when I realised that I couldn’t stop playing them I knew that they are perfect for my new album.

Sure a lot of work is going on around imprints and producing your own music and you are still heavily touring around the world. Do you have any spare time just for yourself and if so what do you like to do?
I decided to live the life I am living and I live it 100%. It is full filling and I can live my creativity and pioneering spirit which makes me happy. To travel inspires me. I have developed in this construction and shaped it to get very well with it. The music and the shows are the channels to express myself. Strength without fear and enjoying life to the full in a creative musical way. There is still enough time to make out, see friends and family or hobbies. All is in a kind of flow. My fav hobby is to watch people while I am playing.

What kind of music Ellen Allien is listening to beside techno/electronic?
Mostly electronic music or Spanish music, I like Flamenco. I am a Spotify nerd, constantly exchanging music with friends.

Which are your top 3 tracks right now?
Just out Ellen Allien – Stimulation from my upcoming album Alientronic

Alien Rain – How Long is Now

Boston 168 – Daydreamer

Tell something to all of your fans in Bulgaria that are eager to catch you behind the decks in Saturday.
Hey Sofia, looking so much forward to dance and to go on a musical journey with you…

Catch Ellen Allien behind the decks this Saturday (30.03.2019) at Metropolis presents Heroes Total 2.0 amongst DVS1, Seatoc Mass, DJ Steven, Ziggy & Zimone at Asics Arena (Festivalna Hall). Get your tickets now at ePay Go.

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