A 12 Track Guide To Bulgaria’s Criminally Underrated ’80s Cosmic Disco Scene

Emil Doesn't Drive & Moustache Love – Imperia Sound 007: Bulgarian Pop Hits



Imperia Sound 007: Bulgarian Pop Hits



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Coda Radio – Do Granicata Na Vireene – Square

In the late ‘70s, the uplifting sounds of disco graced dance floors all over the world. The genre’s epic strings, cheerful vocals and futuristic synths transcended the realm of western culture, even reaching beyond the Iron Curtain—and into Bulgaria.

It wasn’t just the music of Gloria Gaynor, Cerrone, Boney M and Supermax that was echoing in the Eastern Bloc. In Bulgaria, western hits and Bulgarian-language versions of American and European songs were on rotation alongside Bulgarian disco originals. And as the musical style grew in popularity, a myriad of local artists fed fans with synth heavy hits. Pop stars like Mimi Ivanova, Rossitsa Kirilova, Georgi Hristov, Trik, Tramway No. 5, Kristina Dimitrova, Blagovest and Svetoslav Argirovi opened a new chapter in Bulgarian music history, releasing a number of timeless disco gems.

And while the golden age of Bulgarian disco sadly ended with the fall of the Berlin Wall, the legacy of the music lives on. To introduce you to the sonic bliss of Bulgarian ‘70s and ‘80s disco, Mira Karadjova selected a colorful palette of obscure tracks and hands-in-the-air anthems by some of the country’s most important disco stars for Telekom Electronic Beats. The selection includes tracks from Mimi Ivanova and Start, Ensemble BNA, Vassil Naidenov, Tramway No. 5, Blagovest and Svetoslav Argirovi, Veneta Rangelova, Roxana Beleva, Rositsa Kirilova, Trik, Kristina Dimitrova and Orlin Goranov, Koukeri and Roumyana Kotseva.

Stream the tracks and read more about them and the artists at Telekom Electronic Beats’ website. Don’t forget to checkout Imperia Sound‘s 007 Podcast from the bassline player by Emil Doesn’t Drive & Moustache Love including some of the best Bulgarian pop hits from 70’s and 80’s.

Via Telekom Electronic Beats

Coda Radio – Wide

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