Gabriella Vergilov For Her People

The Bulgarian DJ and producer is starting her own concept events called FOR MY PEOPLE

Gabriella Vergilov is a Bulgarian-born, Brussels-based producer, DJ and vocalist with an idiosyncratic take on electronic music. Her sound behind the decks blends synth-infused basslines, cinematic atmospheres and sensual vocals, and has been wowing audiences at clubs like Shelter Amsterdam, Arena Berlin and her residency at Antwerp’s Ampere.

Her debut release Her Beginning on THEMA Recordings came out, testifying to Gabriella’s talents and skills in the studio. Following the success of the release, one of the tracks from the EP, Filedium was featured in Belgium’s Oscar-entry film Racer and The Jailbird (Le Fidèle), as well as in the movie’s international trailer and soundtrack. Her follow-up record, One Step Ahead, was released on Dustin Zahn’s Enemy Records in 2018.

Vergilov’s latest release, Termosfera, was released in 2018 via THEMA, grabbing the attention of her all-time favourite artist and mentor DVS1, who opened his Fabric mix with Vergilov’s track Boring Shit months before its official release. Berghain’s own Ben Klock and BBC Radio 1’s B.Traits also showed support for Vergilov, putting her tracks on heavy rotation throughout 2018.

Gabriella’s unique production style is further underpinned by her seductive yet eery vocals, a deeply personal element that’s present in all of her work and in her collaborations with other artists. This is exemplified by her recent collaboration with Marco Shuttle, in the title track from The Moon Chant EP, which was released on The Bunker New York in November 2018. The track received support by many renown artists, including Ben Klock, who featured it in his DGTL x Resident Advisor Boiler Room set earlier this year.

Gabriella Vergilov © Michael Roskam

Last month she stepped on American ground for her debut US tour, covering the Midwest area and a Red Bull Radio appearance at their main office in Manhattan where she discussed her journey of becoming the artist she is now, her approach to her artistry as well as her upcoming records. You can hear the whole radio show here including a couple of her own productions and her upcoming remix of Mixed Emotions by DJ HYPERACTIVE set to release later this year on Northern Parallels.

No matter where Gabriella is around the globe, she is always trying to stay connected with her native Bulgaria one way or another – last year she had a few appearances in Sofia that made her way to the Bulgarian audience and introduced her to some fellow producers.

This summer, ahead of her busy schedule taking part in some major European festivals, Gabriella Vergilov is developing her own concept events called FOR MY PEOPLE based on inviting her favourite and upcoming talents to join her for a day/night to play music without any boundaries. First one takes place in Sofia, Bulgaria at the vinyl shop Micro – In Store on June 16th, targeting the late Sunday afternoon taking off at 4 pm and will be live streamed on social media platforms.

FOR MY PEOPLE will focus on house, electro and techno but with no aggressive, hardcore or generic sounds”, says Gabriella. “When we think of FOR MY PEOPLE we think: grooves, dynamics, movements, body music, uplifting sounds and most of all soulful textures. Take for an example early Jeff Mills or Derrick May, or DJ Bone’s performances, even DVS1’s Boiler Room set from NYC.”

Gabriella Vergilov’s curating wish is just to bring back the “danceable” textures of techno, blended with house. “This one depends on the style of the guest artists, of course, one might only wanna play groovy techno, without house, and vice-versa,” she goes on describing the concept music policy, “but as long as we stay in the norms of no aggressive, no hardcore and no generic sounds, we have FOR MY PEOPLE.”

Gabriella Vergilov © Victor Darmont

FOR MY PEOPLE is an exclusive platform, that will be held few times a year, without becoming a regular show. “The idea is to keep the hunger and interest of the audience alive by delivering few, but memorable shows”, explains Gabriella.

The first instalment of FOR MY PEOPLE will feature mix sessions from Monikah, Temporary Permanence as well as Gabriella Vergilov herself. Gosh (Temporary Permanence), is a humble and supportive talent, who would always send me his unreleased or released music and I got to find some very suitable music for my sets in his productions. I have been heavy rotating one of his unreleased tracks for a long time and who knows what we will do with that one”, smiles Gabriella, as she defines her choice for the guest artists for the event debut edition in Sofia. “Logically he was amongst the first ones I thought of having for the Bulgarian edition. Moniкah got recommended by a friend and I found deepness in her sets, which I’m sure will also work for where we are going with the concept. For me is important FOR MY PEOPLE to have good people on board and I believe they both are.”

FOR MY PEOPLE premiers Sunday, June 16th at 4 pm in Micro – In Store, Sofia. You can catch Gabriella Vergilov, Monikah and Temporary Permanence behind the decks live on spot (the entry is free) or through the live stream on social media platforms. More info in the official Facebook event here. Follow to be the first to get exclusive updates on the second instalment of Gabriella very own event series FOR MY PEOPLE.

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