Yousef – 9 Moor Drive


Yousef – 9 Moor Drive
Yousef – 9 Moor Drive



9 Moor Drive


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01. 9 Moor Drive
02. I Don’t Understand
03. Riches To Rags
04. The Only Constant Is Change
05. Reminders
06. Vivienne
07. Give It To Me
08. The Beat
09. We Don’t Need Yo Love
10. How Could You Know
11. One Sunny Sunday
12. The Mother Tongue
13. Genesis

For DJ, producer and Circus label-head, Yousef, music has underpinned his entire life; throughout a turbulent and often uncertain childhood, music became a life defining outlet. Consolidating a difficult ten-year period from four to fourteen years of age, growing up in his Liverpool family home, 9 Moor Drive, Yousef explores contrasting themes of extreme difficulties, laughter and freedom.

9 Moor Drive isn’t a bleeding-heart story about my hard times or anguish. It’s about dealing with life’s difficulties, and reminiscing about my life defining moments and thinking about that shattered boy who got up, from nothing, to do what he loves, and made it into his life”Yousef


Make no presumptions, Yousef’s fourth studio album 9 Moor Drive is not a bleeding story of hard times and anguish, but rather a celebration of resilience, hard work and creativity.

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