Stevo Kurt – Schizma EP


Stevo Kurt – Schizma EP



Schizma EP


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Mekanika Recordings brings 2 new tracks from Stevo Kurt’s a.k.a. DJ Steven gathered in their second release – Schizma EP. The EP is set for release July, 12th including 2 remixes from Asymmetrik on the title track Schizma. The second track Ober features ad-libs and effects from another Bulgaria’s native DJ and producer, now Berlin-based – Beno San.

Stevo Kurt aka DJ Steven

Don’t miss Mekanika Recordings Showcase with DJ Steven, Ziggy & Zimone set for June 8, Saturday, 2019 at Micro. The event starts at 10 pm with vinyl only session at the In-Store and continues after midnight in the main room. More info here.

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