Sonar Festival returns to its usual dates in 2020

The next edition of the festival will be held in Barcelona on 18, 19 and 20 June 2020.

The next edition of Sonar Festival returns to its usual dates and will be held in Barcelona on 18, 19 and 20 June 2020.

This Monday 22 July at 17:00h the first full festival tickets to Sónar 2020 will go on sale at the special price of 115€. The Delegate Passes for Sónar+D 2020 will be on sale on 23 July at 10:00h, also at a discounted price of 160€.

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Sonar by Night

Sónar’s next dates around the world this year are Mexico (5 October), Athens (11 and 12 October) and Buenos Aires (10 November). In 2020 the festival will take place in Istanbul (in March) and Hong Kong (in April).

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Sonar Festival 2019

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