Mathew Jonson & The Agents Of Time ft. Isis – Repeating Patterns, Numbers & Letters


Mathew Jonson & The Agents Of Time ft. Isis – Repeating Patterns, Numbers & Letters

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Mathew Jonson and Agents Of Time take their on-stage collaboration into the studio for a new EP on Obscura, Repeating Pattern, Numbers and Letters.

Italian trio Agents Of Time realise a longtime dream with the eighth release on their Obscura label. Mathew Jonson’s singular productions and improvisational performance style has had a huge influence over them since the beginning of their career, so much so that their name Agents Of Time is taken from a 2010, Mathew Jonson album title. Their shared love for jamming and aligned musical visions led to a joint performance in 2017 (Agents Of Time played live with Jonson’s band Cobblestone Jazz) and now it lands on record.

Mathew Jonson

The magic happened in Jonson’s spaceship of a studio in Berlin. Press play on opener Repeating Patterns, Numbers and Letters, which features the infectious vocals of Jonson’s wife Isis, and the spirited vibe of those sessions comes alive. The beats are organic, the melodies warm and colourful. Jonson’s inimitable splashes of funk and the Agents’ fluid basslines continue on the B-side with the kaleidoscopic breakdowns of IG00156. The digital only, final track Dancing In The Darkness is another extended trip through the four artists’ rich world of sound, rounding off this inimitable record with striking musicianship.

Repeating Pattern, Numbers and Letters is out on March 29.

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