Luca Agnelli: I Expect an Amazing Party

Tuscany DJ and producer Luca Agnelli is always looking for new targets, more challenges, experimenting uncommon paths and inventing innovative languages. He is the founder of Etruria Beat records releasing productions from the likes of Electric Rescue, Locked Groove, 2000 and One, DJ Emerson, DJ Tennis and more.

As a producer, Luca has released on notable labels including Soma, Drumcode, Planet Rhythm, Paranoid Dancer, Truesoul, Desolat. Last month saw the release of the two tracker Voltumna EP on his own Etruria Beat imprint with two exceptional remixes by Slam and Truncate. The EP marked the Etruria Beat’s 40th release and the label’s growth for its first 7 years of operating.

Besides his appearances in some of the key clubs around Europe such as Cocoricò, Amnesia, Cocoon, Spazio 900, Privilege, Cavo Paradiso and Egg, Luca Agnelli together with Dustin Zahn said Hello to 2017 surrounded by the Bulgarian techno fans and the Metropolis crew in a memorable new year eve party in Sofia.

The Italian DJ and producer is coming back in August, commuting the snow with the sand but always keeping his unique style that set him a place in the hearts ofthe Bulgarian crowd. We catch up with Luca amongst his wife, his son and his 7 cats about his last gig in Sofia, his upcoming gig at Metropolis’ Insomnia Festival and the evolution of mythological Etruscan underworld god into contemporary Italian underground DJ.

Luca Agnelli at Metropolis presents Hello 2017 © Metropolis

Hey Luca, it’s nice to have you for a little talk. Guess it is a busy summer… Where do we catch you right now?
I’m back at home right now after an amazing gig at Kathisma in the North of Italy, relaxing with my wife, my son and my 7 cats.

At the end of June you put out Etruria Beat’s 40th release Voltumna. Voltumna is actually the name of Etruscan underworld deity who became the supreme God of the Etruscan pantheon. You were born in Tuscany – the land of the Etruscans. Do you still live there? And can we assume that Tuscany and its history (respectively its mythology) are one of your biggest inspirations?
Yes I still live in Tuscany. I love my land, its ancient history, its culture, its unique art, its wonderful landscapes and of course, its genuine food and excellent wines. Everything is absolutely very inspiring here!

It’s been 7 years since you started Etruria Beat and as we all know the first seven years of a child are the most important. Is the label at the spot you imagined it be today when you first started it back than?
7 years of Etruria Beat mean a lot for me. Most of my time is dedicated to my label but it is really rewarding for me to think what we achieved up till now! I am satisfied with the results and most importantly, very proud of the profile and reputation of Etruria.

Were there any difficulties on it’s way during the years?
Difficulties are always the same ones: the vinyl market is always fluctuating but still we still work with great passion and we still want to press vinyl records!

What is the philosophy behind the label and how do you select the tracks to release?
Etruria is an open mind family that loves, creates and proposes quality music. My selection is what I like; Etruria’s tracks have to have a soul.

The Italian techno scene has always been strong and there are a lot of good DJs and producers making their way into the world circuit. Can you give us a few names to keep an eye on?
Bastinov and Dast are the first two interesting and young artists I would suggest, but I could also tell you Reform, Diego Amura, Fabrizio Rat, Toms Due, Fabrizio Lapiana and more!

It’s been 7 months since you’ve played at Metropolis New Year’s party in Sofia…
Wow, it was a memorable party! The people were great and were as enthusiastic as Italians are! There were good vibrations and a great energy. The Metropolis guys have definitely done a good job to make that night so fantastic!

Luca Agnelli at Metropolis presents Hello 2017 © Metropolis

There is less than one month till you play again in Bulgaria, this time on the beach at the best Bulgarian techno gathering Insomnia Festival alongside Pig&Dan and Traumer. Are you excited already and what do you expect?
I expect an amazing party of course! Ahahahah! We will have fun I am sure!

The less time that remains till Insomnia Festival the bigger the hype gets, so can you hint the Bulgarian ravers that are eager to hit the sand in August with a few tracks to warm up?
Perc – Look What Your Love Has Done To Me
Bastinov – Solar System
Fabrizio Lapiana – Far Away

Metropolis presents Insomnia with Luca Agnelli, Pig&Dan, Traumer and Metropolis DJs is on August 5th, at Perla Beach, Primorsko. Tickets available at Eventim, EasyPay and ePay. More info here.

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