Josh Wink ft. Ursula Rucker – Sixth Sense Remixes Part 2


Josh Wink ft. Ursula Rucker – Sixth Sense Remixes Part 2



Sixth Sense Remixes Part 2


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01. Josh Wink – Sixth Sense (Album Mix)
02. Josh Wink – Sixth Sense (Womb Vocal Mix)
03. Josh Wink – Sixth Sense (Booty In The Butta Remix)
04. Josh Wink – Sixth Sense (Wink’s Dark Dub)
05. Josh Wink – Sixth Sense (Yost Magical Mystical Mix)
DSGN Clinic – Square Light

You know what gravity is, right? That force that keeps our two feet, face, back, ass, ears, knees on the ground. That force that ensures that even after 25 years Ovum can still pull out serious surprises.

Josh Wink

Following the remix package of Sixth Sense, Ovum brings us the original mixes all digitally remastered including a never released remix from Kevin Yost as well as the acappella of Ursula Rucker’s incredible vocal. 22 Years later they still sound as fresh as can be.

DSGN Clinic – Wide

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