Jean Pierre, The Martinez Brothers & Jesse Calosso – The Shuffle (Archie Hamilton Remix)


Jean Pierre, The Martinez Brothers & Jesse Calosso – The Shuffle (Archie Hamilton Remix)

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The Shuffle


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Last spotted on The Martinez Brothers’ Cuttin’ Headz imprint in November 2017, Jean Pierre once again tag teams with Jesse Calosso and the label bosses themselves for the lead track. An outstanding thumper laced with intoxicating hypnosis, The Shuffle is a tightly-coiled conga-coded without laced with subtle momentum and tightly weaved funk. Ideal for those deep long heads-down blends it comes complete with a deep cosmic twist from London man-of-the-moment Archie Hamilton.

Unrelenting four-to-da-floor fun strictly for the latest of hours, it’s another head cutting, hip strutting dark design from one of the most on-point labels in house and techno right now.

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