Kim Ann Foxman – My Dog Has Fleas EP


Kim Ann Foxman – My Dog Has Fleas EP



My Dog Has Fleas EP


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01. My Dog Has Fleas (Original Mix)
02. My Dog Has Fleas (Pleasure Planet Atomic Dog Version)
03. Shake The Bones (Original Mix)
04. Shake The Bones (CPI remix)
Metropolis Event 24.10.2020 – Square

Set the timer & get into position, Kim Ann Foxman returns to her Firehouse imprint SELF:TIMER with a solo EP, following up the extraterrestrial trip that was Pleasure Planet’s debut last year.

This time she takes the lead with My Dog Has Fleas. Don’t reach for the vet hotline quite yet; it’s actually based on a ukulele tuning technique popular in her Hawaiian stomping ground, but you’d never tell… A juicy, slinky, 80s-informed jam, it carries all the hallmarks we’ve long since come to expect from Foxman. As is the Pleasure Planet Remix by herself and longstanding friends Andrew Potter and Brian Hersey as they bring on their atomic energy with fresh vocal samples, guitar, and cosmic flare you’d expect from such a hedonistic NYC gang.

Kim Ann Foxman

Deeper into the shoot we strut: Shake The Bones is the dog-walking equivalent of a run on an unfettered, unpeopled, unlimited coastline. The elements. The energy. The space and fresh air; this doesn’t just shake your bones, it’ll shake your whole soul. As for Marc Piñol and Hugo Capablanca’s acid-wrenched C.P.I rework… It’s a mix so fiery it sent their studio into meltdown and their Roland Space Echo literally went up in flames! (True Story!) “Yo Dog!” It’s time to dance!

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