Hercules & Love Affair – Change (Official Video)




The Change EP


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Coda Radio – Do Granicata Na Vireene – Square

Belgium-based dance music project Hercules & Love Affair has built a career reliant on powerful messaging and constant transformation. Their latest single and video for Change, is no exception.

Change is co-produced by bandleader Andy Butler and Alec Storey. The video is co-produced and directed by Butler and Joie Iacono.

Hercules & Love Affair

Change comes from Hercules & Love Affair’s upcoming EP, The Change, out November 1st via BMG/Skint.

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Електронната сцена в UK винаги е била изключително жива и динамична. Много стилове идват от UK, a някои, макар да имат своя принос и пик в историята на dance музиката (dubstep, drum’n’bass), така и не успяват да надскочат етикeтa Made in UK.