Stereo MC’s & Terranova – Deeper




Coda Radio – Stay Focused – Square

В опит да наложат чисто новият си лейбъл connected, Stereo MC’s и Terranova не спират с рилийзите и официалните клипове към тях.

Coda Radio – Wide

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Bawrut – Turbo EP

Bawrut – Turbo EP

DJ Tennis’ Life And Death imprint kicks off 2020 with three unusually crafted finely detailed tracks from Bawrut. The nouveau Madriline – love brought him to Spain’s capital a while back – known for heartfelt and touching musical pieces enhances the Life And Death’s culturally rich artist rooster and, after his highly acclaimed Pronto Arpeggio EP on Ransom Note last year, finally delivers an entire EP with new material that crosses (sub)genres as smoothly and easily as planes fly across the pound.