Gabriella Vergilov – I Can’t Stop EP

Don't miss Gabriella Vergilov's Thursday, November 14th at Tell Me, Sofia.

Gabriella Vergilov – I Can't Stop EP



I Can't Stop EP


Release Date:



01. I Can’t Stop (Original Mix)
02. The Perfect Lover (Original Mix)
03. Oblique Strategies (Original Mix)
04. Everybody Loves Bobo (Original Mix)
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Teased over two years ago in Palinoia owner Eric Cloutier’s XLR8R podcast, Gabriella’s hotly anticipated and incredibly good I Can’t Stop finally has an EP, housed with three other fantastic cuts from the Bulgarian producer. She’s complimented the title track with another quirky, funky house jam, Everybody Loves Bobo, and also made two full on techno bangers with The Perfect Lover and Oblique Strategies. An absolute beast of an EP that we’re glad is finally getting its day in the sun… and the clubs.

Gabriella Vergilov © Michael R. Roskam

This Thursday, November 14th, Gabriella Vergilov is coming back to Sofia, after her amazing Boiler Room debut in August and right before the official release of the forthcoming I Can’t Stop EP for a 4-hours extended set at Tell Me Bar. KAMO a.k.a. KAMOXKAMI is on warm-up duty. The party is set to begin at 11 pm – don’t miss it!

Check back Gabriella’s awesome performance at Ampere Open Air, that turns her into the second Bulgarian DJ to be broadcasted in Boiler Room platform and the first female one here.

You can read more about Gabriella Vergilov in our interview with her earlier this year here.

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