Fer BR – Houso EP


Fer BR – Houso EP



Houso EP


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Fer BR returns to Stereo with a full EP of blistering, groove-based techno. Houso EP is a three-track EP from one of the biggest talents in Spain and is supported by techno’s top DJs and community worldwide.

Fer BR

Houso and its big rolling basslines, head-swirling synths, and jacky percussion go straight for the peak time. A sure floor killer. Arousa goes for the depths. Minimal elements surrounded by deep hits and subtle vocals echo throughout. This is an essential minimal deep tech. Meanwhile, Camba brings out Fer BR’s funky side with loads of bouncy bass and a constant synth line that keeps the track atmospheric and moving strong. It’s a pure sound orgy and a total tribute from the Galician boy.

Coda Radio – Wide

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