DJ Kaloo – Loud’N’Queer Mixtape February 2023

DJ Kaloo – Loud'N'Queer Mixtape February 2023



Loud'N'Queer Mixtape February 2023



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DSGN Clinic – Square Dark

DJ Kaloo (real name Kaloyan Rusinov) is part of Sofia’s dance music scene for nearly two decades. He started dj-ing in the early 2000s playing strictly liquid funk and atmospheric drum’n’bass under the name DJ Solaris warming up stages for names like Goldie, Total Science, Marcus Intalex and LTJ Bukem to name a few. While shaping his dj-ing skills over the years, Kaloo collaborated with fellow DJs and local promoters on a dozen of different projects such as Гръм и Бяс, Surrcasm and Flamboyant Behavior while widely exploring other urban music styles and genres like garage, breakz and dubstep as well as disco, house and techno.

Because of his love for dance music and his experience with many of it’s genres, In 2006 DJ Kaloo founded – an independant blog for electronic music that quickly become Bulgaria’s biggest dance music outlet that successfuly partnered with some of Europe’s best festivals, event organizers and labels as Amsterdam Dance Event, Sonar Festival, Horizon Festival, Reworks Festival, EXIT Festival, DGTL, Metropolis, Solar, Yalta Club, Get Physical, Hot Creations, Cocoon Recordings, Defected and many more. organised monthly event series Bassline Showcase giving performing opportunities for young and talanted DJs like Temporarry Permanance, Ruben Ganev and RareDub.

Since 2009, Kaloyan is performing under the Kaloo DJ moniker spanning the 4×4 spectrum of disco, house and techno music while completely embracing his queer identity. These characteristics of his own naturaly led to Sofia’s first openly gay bi-monthly party series – Loud’N’Queer which for the past three years succesfully took over the dancefloors of Tell Me, Micro, Yalta, The Steps and One 2 One. DJ Kaloo has been headlining Sofia Pride for two consecutive years and is now preparing for his third Sofia Pride performance later this year and Loud’N’Queer 2022 Spring Edition at The Steps.

DSGN Clinic – Wide

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