DJ Kaloo – Sofia Pride Dance 2020

One and a half hour recording from Sofia Pride Dance 2020 set by's chief editor DJ Kaloo (Loud'N'Queer)

DJ Kaloo – Sofia Pride Dance 2020



Sofia Pride Dance 2020

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2019 edition of Sofia Pride finally felt as a party and celebration. There was a second truck platform equipped with a sick Function One sound system. chief editor DJ Kaloo was responsible for the music and the result was more than 6500 people dancing on the streets under the sounds of KiNK, Josh Wink, Da Hool and many more. In other words: the biggest and most successful edition of Sofia Pride to date. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, in 2020 Sofia Pride organisers were forced to turn it into online streaming event divided into live performances and DJ dance party streamed over two consecutive weekends on social media platforms.

Sofia Pride Dance 2020 was 3 hours live video DJ streaming that took over social media platforms on the second weekend with the 2 of Sofia’s acclaimed queer artists – Julieta Intergalactica (We Like Kitsch) and DJ Kaloo (Loud’N’Queer).

Here is the full audio recording of DJ Kaloo’s set filled with house and techno bangers that set the Swimming Pool Gallery’s rooftop on fire despite the rainy weather and made part of our queer mafia crew to dance insanely.

You can watch the whole live video stream including Julieta Intergalactica’s opening set here.

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