Various Artists – Unity by Tale Of Us


Various Artists – Unity by Tale Of Us





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01. Tale Of Us – Unity (Voyage Mix) Pt. 1
02. Tale Of Us – Unity (Voyage Mix) Pt. 2
03. Ae:ther – He does it (Original Mix)
04. Agents Of Time – Astra (Original Mix)
05. Alfa Romero – Claim Your Love (Original Mix)
06. ANII – MT1 (Original Mix)
07. Anyma_ofc – A True Connection (Original Mix)
08. Avidus – Vangelis (Original Mix)
09. Coeus – Rebirth (Original Mix)
10. Colyn – It’s All Over (Original Mix)
11. Denis Horvat – Perpetual (Original Mix)
12. Fideles – Wave Rider (Original Mix)
13. Franky Wah – Aftertime (Original Mix)
14. Glowal – Behind Us (Original Mix)
15. Hunter/Game – Dark Aster (Original Mix)
16. In Anima – Last Call (Original Mix)
17. Innellea – Dust Planet (Original Mix)
18. Josh Wink – Chrysalis (Original Mix)
19. Kerri Chandler, KAS:ST – The First Time (Original Mix)
20. Kevin de Vries – Omertà (Original Mix)
21. Lyke – Moonwar (Original Mix)
22. Marcel Fengler – Wir kommen (Original Mix)
23. Marino Canal – Unfold (Original Mix)
24. Mathame, Franchino – Magia (Original Mix)
25. Mind Against – Above It All (Original Mix)
26. Recondite – Tunnel (Original Mix)
27. Soel – Fiorire D’inverno (Original Mix)
28. Stephan Bodzin – Diamant (Original Mix)
29. Stephan Jolk – Doubts (Original Mix)
30. Tale Of Us – Alone (Original Mix)
31. Tale Of Us – Together (Original Mix)
32. The Element MT – Ryder (Original Mix)
33. Woo York – Immigrant (Original Mix)
Coda Radio – Do Granicata Na Vireene – Square

Out of darkness can only come light. Unity is a 31-track opus, a symbol of togetherness curated by Tale Of Us, including artists already on Afterlife and some new names to the label. Accompanied by a continuous journey through this new music, mixed by Tale Of Us, label hope this compilation brings some escape at a challenging time.

It is more important than ever that we stand together and do what we can to help our loved ones, our communities and humanity as a whole. All profits from Unity will be donated to the Coronavirus medical relief fund of the most heavily-affected region so far, Lombardy in Italy. It is a cause particularly close to the hearts of all at Afterlife.

Tale Of Us

Tale Of Us cover the full spectrum of Afterlife sounds, from stirring, sunrise epics and eyes-down techno to more inward-looking moments, individually expressing a collective vision. Crystalline melodies and emotive oscillations connect each work and form the strands which Tale Of Us weave into a momentous Voyage. From the opening tones of the label founders’ own track Alone, every turn flows further into the Realm Of Consciousness, an unbounded dimension which ends in light.

Coda Radio – Wide

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