Waajeed – Ten Toes Down EP


Waajeed – Ten Toes Down EP



Ten Toes Down EP


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A1 Heavy feat. Candi Lindsey
A2 Heavy (Instrumental)
B1 Deeper Into Blue
B2 Too Black

DSGN Clinic – Square Dark

Son of Detroit Waajeed is back with the three-track Ten Toes Down EP, the next chapter in a musical odyssey through struggle and self-awareness that finds the producer creating some of the strongest work of his career.


Joined by Wu-Tang songstress Blue Raspberry under alias Candi Lindsey on Heavy and the tribal soliloquy Deeper Into Blue, this new project is a reflection of many changes since last year’s From the Dirt full-length.

Ten Toes Down is the first in a string of releases in 2019.

DSGN Clinic – Wide

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DJ Seinfeld – Lilium EP

DJ Seinfeld – Lilium EP

Lilium is released a year on from DJ Seinfeld’s 2018 DJ KiCKS! entry, and is something of a curveball. As with all of Jakobsson’s music, it’s honest and emotive, but the sun kissed house and italo of Lilium and Lovejoy is full of happiness and optimism, in contrast to the normally melancholic mood of his productions.

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Тази година безспорно премина под знака на Metropolis и 20 годишният им юбилей. Сигурни сме, че силните им събития през 2016 са само началото на всичко онова, което ни очаква с настъпването на новата 2017 само след месец и половина.