Various Artists – Bavarian Stallion Remix Series Part 2 EP


Various Artists – Bavarian Stallion Remix Series Part 2 EP

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Bavarian Stallion Remix Series Part 2 EP


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A1. Kessel Vale – Stroke (Hrdvsion´s F Like A Remix)
A2. David Goldberg – M4L-UV (Joannes Remix)
B1. Vince – Namechanger (O-Wells C++ Ösen Mix)
B2. DJ Hell & Italo Brutalo – People Under The Age (Rydim Remix)
DSGN Clinic – Square Light

HRDvsionStroke implies different things. Different strokes for different folks. Not to spoil, but there is a Luke vs. Darth dynamic here. So let’s just keep it at that. Bring it on Death Star!

Joannes – Ow_kay, Joannes got that Wagwan thang going on. Rolling thunder under the hood, sprinkled with some breaks and reverbed. Yeah, it’s that hands in the air moment. Package includes a big phat breakdown.

Orson Wells – If War of the Worlds had a contemporaneous soundtrack, this would be on it. Electro-breaks, tunnel vision, planets colliding. Do not fear us, we come in peace.

Rydim – This got that nasty boompty. Think of Derrick Carter remixing Gemini remixing Derrick May. Can I have a bump, to straighten things out? Mit ein kleines bisschen acid?

Coda Radio – Wide

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