Sonar moves to July in 2019

Sónar will take place in July next year.

The Barcelona festival, which just wrapped up its 25th anniversary edition, traditionally takes place in June. Thanks to a huge textile fair, it will now run from July 18th to 20th in 2019, before returning to its regular schedule in 2020.

Sónar broke its attendance record last weekend, drawing a crowd of 126 000 from 119 countries. 54% were from Spain while 46% came from abroad.

Sonar by Day

The franchise moves on to South America in November, touching down in Buenos Aires on the 16th and Bogotá on the 17th, before returning to Istanbul (March 8th and 9th), Hong Kong (April 13th) and Reykjavík (April 25th to 27th) in the first half of 2019.

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