Sante – Current II (Remixes Part 1) EP


Sante – Current II Remixes Part 1 EP

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Current II (Remixes Part 1) EP


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01. Metaphysical (Cuartero Remix)
02. Emotional Closure (Toman Remix)
03. Lost Souls ft. Stickle (The Willers Brothers Remix)
04. Talk About (Hanfry Martinez Remix)
05. Sunset BLVD (Zohki Remix)
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Avotre label-boss Santé is back with the first of two hotly anticipated remix packs from his May released LP Current II – out now via Avotre.

Current II (Remixes Pt.1), a five-track selection from Santé’s 13-track album opens with Spanish native Cuartero’s take on Metaphysical. Similar to the original, Cuartero’s adaptation is driven by a pulsing bass riff and deep house drum machines, adding synth intricacies and percussive hits for a more animated and buoyant effect. The next rework comes courtesy of Dutch artist Toman, who offers a clean-cut spin on Santé and Joaquin DeKoen’s Emotional Closure. The track begins with a melodic sub bass and builds up with jazz chords on an analog synth. As the original vocal sample floats over the top, permeating the breaks with a liquid essence, we’re reminded of its origins. Dropping the tempo, the percussive synth jabs play a vital role in motivating the cut, flaunting a funky tech house strut.


Tech house duo The Willers Brothers are next to step up for remix duty, taking on Santé and Stickle’s Lost Souls. Unlike the previous two offerings, the UK borthers restore much of the originals minimalistic ideals, with the analog synth melody and biting high-hats at its core. However, The Willers Brothers do inject their flair, sonically altering the bass and melody synth to give their edit a punchy and distinct edge. The EP’s fourth contributor is Tenerife born and Papagaoy Tenerifes resident Hanfry Martinez who delivers a galvanized edit of Talk About. It retains many elements from its roots such as the old school synth hits, as well as the EQ and analog percussion sweep at its half-way point, however Hanfry pulls focus with a rumbling bass riff and a sharper snare and clap, which alter the tracks motive dramatically.

Closing out the EP is a stripped back rework of Sunset Blvd by house DJ Zokhi, who withdraws the original’s ambient synth and adds a high-pass filtered version of the bass riff, removing the core melodic element to create a slick percussive-led remix, which maintains interest through a hypnotic sub bass and the synergetic high-hat and synth stabs. This highly imaginative EP perfectly displays both the versatility of its remix artists, as well as the great subject material they’ve worked with. Offering a platform on which to showcase its new talent, Avotre’s five new adaptations will no doubt become staples for the year to come, as the label re-asserts its tastemaker status.

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