Massimiliano Pagliara – Nothing Stays in One Place for Long EP


Massimiliano Pagliara – Nothing Stays in One Place for Long EP



Nothing Stays in One Place for Long EP


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01. Nothing Stays In One Place For Long (Original Mix)
02. Accidentally We Rushed (Original Mix)
03. Avenue Of The Palms (Sunset Mix)
04. Avenue Of The Palms (Night Mix)
Coda Radio – Stay Focused – Square

Massimiliano Pagliara is a true powerhouse! With his last album Feel Live under his chest, as well as an EP on Ostgut Ton (where he also holds a residency at the legendary Panormama Bar) and a string of strong remixes, the trained dancer from Italy now presents his first full length EP for Permanent VacationNothing Stays In One Place For Long.

Massimiliano Pagliara © Robin Kirchner

The four tracks on the EP show the perfect symbiosis between man and machine (in this case a fleet of analog synths and drum machines) and offer the full spectrum of Massimiliano Pagliara’s production skills from dubby, chord driven techno, to playful acid disco and blissful balearic house. Despite this wide range, he always keeps his trade mark sound that you can also find in his numerous DJ sets around the globe merging a variety of people and styles for a happy dance under one roof.

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