kirilik – Souls EP


kirilik – Souls EP



Souls EP


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Coda Radio – Stay Focused – Square

kirilik is back with another load of modular emissions, this time pressed into an EP bursting with ideas, sounding as fresh and playful as ever.

Whether it‘s the full-on assault of relentless opener Quad, seemingly designed soley to make you go bonkers, or a more nuanced arrangement like Reversible that balances high-paced percussion with booming bass of the subbiest kind in order to create an usual yet irresistible dubbed-out groove.

kirilik a.k.a. KiNK

The flip generously gives a chance to catch some breath, floating gracefully shrouded in ethereal choirs atop the cosmic nebulae. Kirilik then goes out with a bang, the vivid colours of Distant Call zooming by in an instant. It‘s an elated headrush of the most gratifying kind, rounding out an EP showing once again Strahil Velchev‘s aka KiNK unique potential as a producer.

Coda Radio – Wide

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