Kino Todo – Gidafi Na EP


Kino Todo – Gidafi Na EP

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Gidafi Na EP


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01. Kino Todo – Gidafi Na ft. Tesfit Asgodom (Original Mix)
02. Kino Todo – 9AM (Original Mix)
03. Kino Todo – Timba ft. Kazuyo Shionoiri (Original Mix)
04. Kino Todo – Gidafi Na ft. Tesfit Asgodom (Red Axes Edit)
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Blue Shadow Records build on the success of their first two releases with a fantastic third, this time from vital new talent Kino Todo, with an edit from acclaimed Israeli duo Red Axes.

Tel Aviv based artist Kino Todo is very much an exciting up-and-comer who is making moves fast. He has associations with Red Axes’s Garzen Records – both through his releases and his recordings for their radio show – and this new EP is a great window into his wonderfully weird world.

Kino Todo

First up is the excellent Gidafi Na ft. Tesfit Asgodom, a truly original track that pairs live sounding drums with exotic percussion and an infectious, bouncy bassline. The whole thing is loose and speckled with Tesfit Asgodom’s indecipherable but hypnotic vocals and you can be assured it will be a standout in any set. The equally fresh Timba ft. Kazuyo Shionoiri is built on more buoyant drums and rubbery bass, with a whistling lead synth sound and Kazuyo Shionoiri’s Japanese whispers adding more worldly exoticism.

The last original is 9AM, a deeper track with sci-fi synths and freaky effects all detailing another fat groove. It is Gidafi Na that gets the edit treatment from Red Axes, who are much loved for their freaky fusions of guitars, synths and the sounds of their homeland. Here they layer in more chattery percussion and subtly build the suspense to make for a riotously feel-good track.

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