Kasper Bjorke – Nothing Gold Can Stay (Part B)


Kasper Bjørke – Nothing Gold Can Stay (Part B)



Nothing Gold Can Stay (Part B)


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01. Venetian Blinds (Original Mix)
02. Dreamers (A Tribute To Laurie)
03. Oceans Of Time (Original Mix)
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Following the four sublime tracks that made up his latest release, Nothing Gold Can Stay (Part A), Kasper Bjørke flexes the other side of his studio explorations on Nothing Gold Can Stay (Part B).

Whereas Part A focused on vocal driven songs, this second EP is directly aimed at the floor – and Kasper is clearly enjoying getting back to the business of making people move, reflecting on sounds that he would play today, in one of his nightclub DJ sets.

Kasper Bjørke © KennethMøller

The opener Venetian Blinds has a clear 90s reference in the distinct synthesizer trance sounds. Dreamers (a tribute to Laurie) salutes the eternal classic Oh Superman by Laurie Anderson, exploring synthetic choirs and crystalline, ethereal arpeggiators in a space disco context. Oceans of Time is also drawing inspiration from the 90s rave palette while still keeping one foot in the future.

Nothing Gold Can Stay (Part B) is both a testament to Kasper’s versatility as a producer and an all-out dancefloor assault, made with precision and sensitivity.

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