KiNK – Nagore EP


KiNK – Nagore EP

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Nagore EP


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01. Bug (Original Mix)
02. A.C.I.D ft. Red Eye (Original Mix)
03. Nagore (Original Mix)
04. East Wind ft. DJ Valentine (Original Mix)
Coda Radio – Do Granicata Na Vireene – Square

KiNK returns with the second release on the still puerile label Sofia. The second of many to come, Nagore features four tracks again that are incentive, innovative and ingenious at the same time. Based on the incantations of KiNK and guests like Red Eye, Kei and Sofia’s guiding spirit DJ Valentine, you get a mix of free-flowing techno, bass bumpers, ravey IDM tropes and pitch-wheel house or four smart bombs, if you will. Graced with technical prowess and creative powers, this is once more proof that the man cannot set a foot wrong. Remember the future!

DSGN Clinic – Wide

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It’s both ironic and fitting that one of our final releases of the year is called, The Future. Created by Tom Flynn and featuring the vocals of Detroit’s illustrious artist, Amp Fiddler, the track carries the obvious name connotation, and the magnificent and dreamy piano leads accompanying the subdued and consistent beats is also a sound that hasn’t been prevalent in the label’s past, but a sign of the diversity to come.