Biesmans – Electric Love EP


Biesmans – Electric Love EP

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Electric Love EP


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01. Electric Love ft. Irdorski (Original Mix)
02. Electric Love ft. Irdorski (Marvin & Guy Amplifier Mix)
03. Technician an a Mission (Original Mix)
04. City Boy (Original Mix)
DSGN Clinic – Square Dark

A core member of the Oberbaumbrücke family delivers a sleek label debut. As the club’s technician, Joris Biesmans (aka Biesmans) has been an invaluable fixture at Watergate for the last five years. A true audiophile, when he’s not tuning WG’s sound system to perfection, he’s building modular synths and honing his studio craft.

Having recently quit his technician job to focus on making music full time, he’s a new addition to the WG agency roster and follows suits with an impressive debut EP on the label, after releases on Correspondent, AEON and Adana Twins’ TAU.


The title track Electric Love is a chugging slice of electro, marked by lush key progressions and an attitude-drenched vox from newcomer Idorski. Marvin & Guy are tapped for remix duties and inject the original with a celestial melody line primed for end-of-night moments. Technician on a Mission is driven by a polished bassline that modulates throughout, while 80s synths give it a retro-future stamp. City Boy is a modern day synthwave gem, reinforcing the breadth of sound espoused by Watergate Records.

DSGN Clinic – Wide

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