Joeski ft. Rachel – Let The Drum Speak! EP


Joeski ft. Rachel – Let The Drum Speak! EP



Let The Drum Speak! EP


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DSGN Clinic – Square Light

“I love how this track came to life. Rachel and I shared a clear vision of creating a track to personify the sound of the drum. We experimented in the studio until we achieved that eerie tribal vibe we wanted. I feel like the best music is made when you can be creative on a whim without any concrete product in mind.”

Revered American producer Joeski returns to Rebellion with Let The Drum Speak! ft. Rachel, a three track release that features prolific vocalist Rachel on the title record.


The EP begins with Let The Drum Speak! ft. Rachel. The vocals of Rachel have an emotive, directing feel, as tribal-like bongo patterns merge with rustling percussion, to form a progressive dancefloor number. Expressions In Dub Love comes next. Beginning with fast paced hats and a subtle bassline, warm, pitch changing keys are soon introduced, whilst the occasional pulse of a poignant vocal sample creates a touching and moving cut. As We Dance combines gentle pads with an echoing vocal, before a serenade of hats build into a powerful crescendo.

A native to New York, Joeski is an artist whose releases speak for themselves. Having graced Rebellion with the Loveland EP, as well as Crosstown Rebels with Tribute and I Want You, Joeski’s career stretches back decades. In 1991 he became a founding member of The Chocolate Factory DJ collective, before launching his own imprint Maya Records ten years later, and has continued to produce a steady stream of thriving dancefloor numbers since.

DSGN Clinic – Wide

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