andhim – The Remixes Part I EP


andhim – The Remixes Part I EP

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The Remixes Part I EP


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01. Aires (Johannes Albert Remix)
02. Duno (Neil Landstrumm Dream Wave Remix)
03. Buenos (kalupke Remix)
04. Windows 85 (Toto Chiavetta Retro Mono Remix)
DSGN Clinic – Square Light

Remix time! The ever on-point andhim look back over their last two releases on their Superfriends imprint and call up some good friends for a few cheeky version excursions: Johannes Albert, Kalupke, Neil Landstrumm and Toto Chiavetta. The results leave no stone unturned First come the remixes of the duos last single Buenos Aires.

Deeper and more contemplative than the German duos originals, Johannes Albert adds a whole new melodic layer and classic late 80s Mr Fingers style twist to Aires while Kalupke takes Buenos on more of a journeyman vibe. Warm pads are dominant character and while the originals pipes remain the mystic focus theres a great lolloping, long-winding road feel to the drums.


Deeper into this epic trove we dive as Neil Landstrumm does what he does best and completely turns Duno inside out. Full attention on the warped electroid bass, its a no messing piece of trippy techno with a hook your dancefloor will be singing for days.

Finally the unstoppable Toto Chiavetta closes business with a complete curveball remix of Windows 85. Taking the jazzy, freestyle Latin instrumentation and reboosting it with heightened synth wizardry, hes effectively turned a small local church into a towering cathedral with more than enough space for you and every single one of your mates to dance in. Thats what Superfriends are for, right? And this is only part one!

DSGN Clinic – Wide

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