Ilario Alicante: The Total Techno Hero Is Back!

Easter holidays are over and we are already looking forward to the upcoming second part of the Metropolis series – Heroes Total. In fact, we are looking at it just as soon as the line-up of the event was announced and especially the name of the “child prodigy”, “Mr. Titante”, “the Italian Christopher Nolan” – Ilario Alicante!

It turns out, however, that wonders happen not only on Christmas, but also on Easter because one of our most desirable guest-authors – one of the Bulgaria’s legendary DJs, the urban culture’s guru, the voice that many of us have grown with glued to the radio and recently a prominent TV star (he is really good actually!) – Jassen Petrov talked with Ilario Alicante in an exclusive interview for and we are extremely happy to welcome Mr. Titante in his first interview for Bulgarian media and in his fourth visit to Bulgaria when be sure miracles will happen…

We are huge fans not only of your music, but also of your movies that you post on Instagram. We think you are very talented director. Imagine that in a parallel universe you are not a DJ but director – which one you would like to be?
Ahahaha thank you! I’m really a beginner in video making and editing. I just published the third video some days ago. I really enjoy to do this because it’s funny for me and also because I found that Adobe Premiere gives me almost the same feelings of when I use Ableton. The process has a lot of similarities, I really enjoy the video editing part. I do all by myself, but I repeat, I am really an amateur on this. Anyway I would like to be 100% Christopher Nolan.

In one of your videos we saw your skills of flying a drone. When you were a small boy did you dream of being a pilot? And if not, what did you dream to become when you grow up?
I always dreamed to be an astronaut. Now I’m not but I still try to visit the outer space through music and art! 🙂

Speaking of youth, do you remember the first CD that you bought? What was it?
The first CD of electronic music was Ministry of Sound Mix Compilation by Josh Wink.

Italy or Germany?
Italy 1000000%

Wurst or pizza?

Time Warp or Awakenings?

Christmas or Easter?

Ciro or Genny?*

Who is your favourite super hero?


Which is your favourite piece of equipment in your studio?

Roland 909.

When you produce, what is the first thing that you create – rhythm, bass line or melody?

Rocco Siffredi is the face of Amica Chips. On what product you would be proud to see your face?

Belvedere Vodka.

Is there a tattoo that you always wanted, but you are still afraid to do?
Actually not, I’m happy with my ones.

What is the first thing when you go back to Italy that you will eat to make you feel home?
Pizza of course.

Apart from punctuality what else did you forget in hotel rooms?
Pfff, almost everything. I always forgot things, phones, iPads, chargers, shoes, t-shirts. I am a disaster.

What is like the perfect Sunday evening of Ilario Alicante?
My perfect Sunday is not a Sunday but a Monday. Normally I came back after my gigs on that day… I always try to take care of myself eating good and doing sports but when I come back after my gigs, in the evening I eat lots of junk food. Monday it’s my cheat day. So relaxing, watching YouTube and eating junk food.

Imagine, that you are organizing a 24-hour festival called Virgolandia. Please, tell us your dream line-up for the day and for the night.
All the artists that released on my label of course and then another stage with Adriano Celentano all night long.

You know perfectly how to make people smile, what will be the track if you want to make them cry?

James Holden – 10101
It’s my favorite track ever and I think that it has a wide range of emotions in it. Music can make u smile but also cry, depends in which context you are, state of mind etc. This track made me think, smile and also cry sometimes.

Tell us the name of the track that you think will be the bomb this Saturday at Metropolis’ Heroes Total?
SLV – Immunity
A new track from the album of SLV that is going to be released on my label Virgo.

What to expect from you at the party – entertainment or education?

I really love to play at Metropolis. They are wonderful people that are taking care about every detail and you can see the results. I always did amazing parties with them and this one will be super as always, I am sure.

*Ciro – Ciro Di Marzio, Genny – Genny Savastano – the main characters of Gomorra: La serie.

Metropolis presents Heroes Total Part 2 with Ilario Alicante, Alan Fitzpatrick, Radio Slave and Metropolis DJs is on 14th of April /Saturday/in Sofia Hall. Get your tickets at ePay.

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