Fort Romeau – DADA EP


Fort Romeau – DADA EP





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DSGN Clinic – Square Dark

Fresh from his stark adventures amid Heaven & Earth on Permanent Vacation, Fort Romeau makes his full EP debut on Correspondant with one of his darkest compositions to date DADA.

“Paranoid music for paranoid times,” is all the UK artist tells us about the release but it’s all we need to know. Relentless, tunnelling and driving; there’s a pranged sense of momentum powering both parts as they surge with multiple climactic peaks. So vast it comes in two parts; both are loaded with harmonics and FX that complement each other perfectly for deep mix creativity. Deep, intense and foreboding; even the title tracks are coded with paranoia with their reference to a political anti-war artistic movement 100 years ago.

Fort Romeau

The remixes add fresh perspectives on Fort Romeau’s brooding tableaux; Terr follows up her Neuromancer EP from last year with a bulging electroid thumper that tips a nods towards Black Strobe while Niv Ast adds a series of trippy layers, cascades and cosmic touches you can have just much to during a sunset as you can a sunrise. Just because we’re paranoid, it doesn’t mean we can’t fun… Right?

Coda Radio – Wide

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