The Prodigy – Timebomb Zone




Coda Radio – Stay Focused – Square

Now that The Prodigy have released their full 10-track studio album, No Tourists, the group has been supplementing their monumental release with a steady stream of remixes and music videos for its various singles. The newest addition to these ancillary products is the music video for Timebomb Zone.

No Tourists is the seventh straight studio album the band has released to hit number one.

Coda Radio – Wide

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MOMEM – Museum of Modern Electronic Music

Документален филм на Electronic Beats за предстоящото откриване на Музея за съвремнна електронна музика във Франкфурт, Германия, който се очаква да отвори врати през 2018.

Bicep – Atlas

Atlas is the first new single from the duo Bicep since the 2017 blockbuster album that made the duo mainstage headliners, and it has a lot in common with Aura, that LP’s first single.