Rogue D & blondewearingblack – Hard N’ Deep EP


Rogue D & blondewearingblack – Hard N' Deep EP

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Hard N' Deep EP


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Coda Radio – Stay Focused – Square

Sun’s out, gun’s out: Pets fire shots into the silly season with this crucial joint from Rogue D and blondewearingblack and it comes complete with a killer Polymod remix.

Two vibes for two sides of the party, this one goes both hard and deep… With a shared discography on the likes of Defected, Hot Creations and Strictly between them, it was only a matter of time before kindred spirits Rogue D (aka Italian stallion Danny Minchella) and Ibiza-based singer/songwriter blondewearingblack linked up. The results speak for themselves… Heavy hip-slinking bass, rolling jam-pumping drums and Plastic Dream style organ bubbles that truly pop around six minutes in, it’s the perfect hypnotic foundation for blondewearingblack to lay down her messages in her signature urgent-yet-sensual classic 90s style.

Rogue D

In a nutshell: timeless house music that resonates with every single one of us. Looking for a little darker resonance? Look no further than Polymod’s take on proceedings. Harder, darker, faster and way more fractured, Shadow Child’s alter ego is waving his flag at full mast and epic quantities of acid for good measure. Absolutely brutal. Sun’s out, vibes out. It’s gonna be a hard, deep summer.

Coda Radio – Wide

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