Zoo Brazil – Lost in Waves EP


Zoo Brazil – Lost in Waves EP



Lost in Waves EP


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01. Eden (Original Mix)
02. Fab (Original Mix)
03. Remember You (Original Mix)
04. You Got To (Original Mix)
05. Velvet (Original Mix)
06. Nash (Original Mix)
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Bedrock kicks off 2020 with an outstanding 6-track EP label debut from one of the scene’s most innovative and respected DJ/Producers, the Grammy and Brit Award nominated Zoo Brazil. Whether criss-crossing the globe performing at the finest clubs and festivals, or releasing supreme electronic dance music on the worlds best labels, Zoo Brazil always delivers, which is why his Lost In Waves EP is this years first essential must listen collection.

From the opening, pulsating vocal inflected groove of Eden, with its gorgeously hypnotic soaring energy levels, to the simple heart-melting percussive melodic beauty of Fab, Zoo Brazil leaves no doubt that this is going to be an exceptionally special journey. By the time the deeply subtle Remember You teases its way into your subconscious and the low-slung, hard-hitting, linear groove of You Got To works its mesmerising magic, it is undeniable that we are witnessing a true musical master at work. Zoo Brazil continues to exhibit his uniquely diverse creative talents through the razor sharp, synth melancholy of Velvet, before rising to a perfect climax via the feel good, funked-up fusion of Nash.

Zoo Brazil

If anyone is wondering how someone creates such a comprehensively superb and entirely cohesive body of work, a quick career glimpse will show the way. To date, Zoo Brazil (aka John Andersson) has released over 160 singles and 8 albums under various monikers. Although club music and DJing are his main focus, the enigmatic Swede is also a highly successful songwriter/producer/remixer in the world of pop music (hence the Grammy and Brit Award nominations), as well as writing music for cinema and television. He also composed music for the London 2012 Paralympics. We recommend you read Zoo Brazils biography to get the complete picture and understand what lies behind the guise.

With a new Zoo Brazil album scheduled to drop this year, along with more eagerly awaited releases on Bedrock and a seemingly never-ending array of other fine labels, John Andersson is an artist at the top of his game who continues to rise ever higher.

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