Theus Mago – Osla EP


Theus Mago – Osla EP



Osla EP


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01. Theus Mago & Thomass Jackson – Zango Zango
02. Theus Mago – Yeyo & Ushwaka
03. Theus Mago – Stadium Flutes
04. Theus Mago – Osla
Metropolis Event 24.10.2020 – Square

Long-time Correspondant correspondent Theus Mago returns to the label with four more extra-terrestrial funk blends. Bringing a little Duro damage to the mix, it’s best we buckle up. Destination: Osla

Theus Mago

Our party rockets ignite with the zesty, warped freak-out Zango Zango. So good Mateo and Thomas Jackson named it twice, it sets the guileful tone and midnight mischief pace for the EP. Yeo & Ushwaka follows on a rapid river of acid on a speed boat powered by chunky, shoulder-switching drum machine soul while space-funk stampede Stadium Flutes goes intergalactic with a build-up that defies gravity. Osla brings the mission to a dramatic finale. 23rd century tribal tactics; trippy, relentless and rolling into oblivion. Like all Mago’s work, it’s a one of a kind trip.

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