TERR – Energy Sync EP


TERR – Energy Sync EP



Energy Sync EP


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01. Energy Sync (Original Mix)
02. Energy Sync (Club Mix)
DSGN Clinic – Square Dark

Returning for her second release on Phantasy, TERR captures further dancefloor magic on the blistering Energy Sync.

Following the success of Tale of Devotion, the Brazilian-born, Berlin-based producer continues to distill her exquisite instincts into an irresistible single that blends electro and disco influences with flawless song writing.


Built around a heartfelt and vulnerable refrain, the Club Mix takes just seconds to explode into a wide-eyed anthem in waiting, maintaining pure ecstasy and cascading energy until it’s final, sensual modulation. On the contrary, TERR transforms the track into a wistful, weightless electro-pop moment for the Original Mix, building a slower if no less celebratory groove around her own vocals, which also feature as an acapella.

DSGN Clinic – Wide

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