TB – A Call For Romance LP


TB – A Call For Romance LP



A Call For Romance LP


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01. Drop Wet Gorgeous (Original Mix)
02. Tan Lines (Original Mix)
03. Lace Yourself (Original Mix)
04. Burning Orange (Original Mix)
05. Drive (Original Mix)
06. Street Beat (Original Mix)
07. The Lady Is A Vamp (Original Mix)
08. A Call For Romance (Original Mix)
09. Release (Original Mix)
DSGN Clinic – Square Light

Based in Munich, Germany, the producer, part-time DJ and Permanent Vacation label co-head Tom Bioly aka TB delivers new romantics, inspired by influences like The Cure’s The Holy Hour, Boards of Canada’s late 90s electronica, Miami Vice tropic percussion and Angelo Badalamenti’s Twin Peaks.

Acid drops, string distortions, lushed melody bits, hushed robo vox and washed space guitars are being layered and sprinkled over machine beats and disco drums. TB’s first release Invitation To Love made it on John Talabot’s vinyl-only Hiverned 10″ imprint and was voted amongst the best 10″ releases by UK Fact magazine.


GROOVE magazine wrote “…entirely superb…”, about the follow-up EP City Girl on Permanent Vacation, of which the title track has been licensed to the independent film All These Sleepless Nights by director Michal Marczak.

In 2017 TB followed with Heartbreak Hotel, a double 12″ release with eight tracks of melancholic dance noir set in smoke-filled darkness. In 2018 he followed with the Night Heat single, of which a RMXD EP with contributions by Gerd Janson, Sascha Funke, DJ Hotel and Bostro Pesopeo came out earlier this year.

DSGN Clinic – Wide

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