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Sven Vath’s Sound of the 18th Season is forthcoming in December

Sven Vath – Sound of the 18th Season



Sound of the 18th Season


Release date:



CD 1:
1. Willow – Workshop 23 (A1)
2. Eduardo De La Calle – The Horus Eye (Original Mix)
3. Basti Grub – False
4. Eddie Fowlkes feat. Na Dee – Twisted Boy (Detroit Wax)
5. Fort Romeau – Reasons
6. Villa H2H – Conspiracy Two
7. John T ejada – Blitzar
8. DJ Slyngshot – Hygh-Tech
9. Paul – Reflektion
10. Isolee – Pisco
11. KiNK – Neutrino
12. Adam Port & Stereo MCs – Changes (Adam Port Remix)

CD 2:
1. &Me – Avalon
2. Patrice Baumel – Glutes
3. Fideles – The Border
4. Gaiser – On The Way (Original Mix)
5. Aubrey – Clock Funk
6. Slam – Clap Your Hands
7. Electric Rescue – Forwer (Original Mix)
8. ROD – Hor
9. Secret Cinema & Egbert – Maximaal
10. Peder Mannerfelt & Hodge – All My Love
11. Rico Puestel – Caravel
12. Barnt – If She Says She Is A Healer, She Is A Healer
13. Inigo Kennedy – Voyager
14. Paul Nazca – Memory (Original Mix)

Sven Vath’s legendary Cocoon Ibiza event came of age in 2017 as its 18th season played out to great acclaim once more. Now the boss himself steps up to condense the sound of the weekly party into two compelling mix CDs.

Sound of the 18th Season is due out December 1st, including tracks from Adam Port, Stereo MCs, Isolee, &Me, Patrice Baumel, Gaiser, Slam, Secret Cinema & Egbert, as well as KiNK’s Neutrino spread over 2 discs completing a tracklist of 25 of Cocoon Ibiza 2017 biggest tracks.

Sven Vath’s Sound of the 18th Season is out December 1st by Cocoon.

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