Pirate Copy ft. Leftwing : Kody & ALISHA – Family Affair Vol. 2 EP


Pirate Copy ft. Leftwing / Kody & ALISHA – Family Affair Vol. 2 EP

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Family Affair Vol. 2 EP


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DSGN Clinic – Square Dark

Kaluki head honcho Pirate Copy returns with his next instalment in the Family Affair series, this time teaming up with Lost label bosses Leftwing : Kody and hotly tipped newcomer, ALISHA.

Can You Feel with Leftwing : Kody kickstarts the EP with signature bumpy drum grooves, rave inspired stab sequences and hooky vocal licks. ALISHA joins forces with Pirate Copy to complete the EP with their collaboration Girls; a hypnotic driving Tech House track that offers infectious snares, a chugging bassline and an amalgamation of hooky vocal hits. A solid two-tracker that is sure to feature in countless DJ sets over the coming months.

Coda Radio – Wide

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