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Kompakt’s Speicher series reaches 100th release


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A Michael Mayer – Lout
B Jörg Burger – Beatmesse Pt. 1 & 2
C1 Jürgen Paape – Whisper Echo
C2 Jürgen Paape – Rodeo
D1 Voigt & Voigt – Leise
D2 Voigt & Voigt – Bum Bum Bar feat. Chris Trance

The 100th release in Kompakt’s Speicher series is coming out in December.

The Speicher 100 double-pack features all new material from Kompakt’s founders, Michael Mayer, Jürgen Paape and Voigt & Voigt, AKA Wolfgang Voigt and Reinhard Voigt, as well as longtime affiliate Jörg Burger.

The origins of Speicher, also known as Kompakt Extra, lay in two different compilation 12-inches that came out around the turn of the millennium—Kompakt Für Cisco from 1999, catalogued as the first Kompakt Extra release, and a 2001 Kompakt release (the label’s 30th) called Speicher 1. Voigt & Voigt’s Speicher 99 two-tracker came out just a few weeks ago.

Listen to clips of Speicher 100 here.

Kompakt Extra will release Speicher 100 on December 8th, 2017.

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