Kasper Bjorke is back!

The first single taken from his forthcoming double EP is out today!




Nothing Gold Can Stay


Release Date:



01. Water ft. Toby Ernest
02. Seabird ft. Christian d’Or & Toby Ernest
03. Du Du Du ft. Bon Homme
04. Nothing Gold Can Stay ft. Justin Strauss
05. Venetian Blinds
06. Dreamers (A Tribute to Laurie)
07. Oceans of Time
DSGN Clinic – Square Light

The arrival of new Kasper Bjørke material is always something of a red letter day for serious music fans and especially for die hard fans as us! His return to hfn music for the next stage in his musical journey makes total sense; after a couple of years making beautiful ambient music on Kompakt, it’s time for some of the signature beat driven music, that we have been craving.

Water is the first single taken from Nothing Gold Can Stay, the forthcoming double EP to be released in the fall and features Toby Ernest who also featured on his 2014 and still one of ours top albums – After Forever on Rush.

Toby returns on the slow burner Water with a gloomy performance that describes a relationship gone sour with an almost surreal and self-destructive twist. It connects a soulful, sexual vibe with the distinctive, rich sound of a lush Bjørke production.

Kasper Bjorke © Kenneth Moller

By now Kasper Bjørke has build a long, impressive back catalogue – while continuing to push forward, exploring new territory – both as a solo artist, in various studio collaborations and as a remixer and DJ.

On his acclaimed 4th solo album After Forever Kasper created a new take on contemporary, melancholic synth pop; merging his productions into a multi coloured soundscape with echoes from Post Disco/Punk, Kraut and New Wave. It was a step away from the disco and house sound, that brought him into making music in the late 90s. The full remix version of the album, After Forever Revisited (2015) included luminary interpretations – where especially the Michael Mayer remix grew into a proper club anthem.

In the fall of 2019, Kasper will return to club music, with the double EP Nothing Gold Can Stay, while simultaneously marking the 10 year anniversary of releasing music on German label hfn music. Nothing Gold Can Stay explores both the analogue and organic side of his production sound – and also contains some proper club jams which reflects on sounds that he would play, in one of his increasingly rare DJ sets that we definitely love.

Nothing Gold Can Stay (Part A) – 4-track EP is out October 25th, 2019 and features collaborations with Toby Ernest, Christian d’Or, Bon Homme and Justin Strauss. Nothing Gold Can Stay (Part B) – 3-track EP will follow on November 22th, 2019 via hfn music.

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