Habischman – Visions EP


Habischman – Visions EP



Visions EP


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01. Apex (Original Mix)
02. Gone ft. Atora (Original Mix)
03. Visions (Original Mix)
DSGN Clinic – Square Dark

Habischman is back on Knee Deep in Sound with Visions, a masterfully cinematic new EP featuring three cosmic and escapist tracks of melodic techno.

Apex is a driving eight minute adventure with firmly rooted kick drums that get you on the zone as freewheeling synths reach up to the heavens and bring real colour to the airwaves. Gone is deeper and more seductive, with superbly soft hits and a fantastically soulful vocal that sends shivers down your spine and gets you feeling all loved up beneath the twinkling melodies. Visions closes out with a more edgy feeling: turbulent bass rumbles down low as heavenly vocal sounds drift through the clouds above and bright light to the dark.


Habischman likes to tell musical stories that bring back memories, whether real or imagined. To do so, the Iran born, London based artist draws on the beauty and blessings of life, the ups and downs of the every day, and puts them into his own cinematic soundtracks that encourage you to get lost in your own feelings. He is a master at establishing a simple yet seductive techno groove then embellishing it with complex melodies and lush synth arrangements that provide plenty of drama. This combination of big drums, spaced out motifs and subtle but spine-tingling vocals lend his tracks an impressive sense of grandeur that has landed him on labels like SCI+TEC, Knee Deep In Sound and Moda Black.

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