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Get Physical to release an acid house compilation in December




Acid Love Vol. 01


Release date:



01. M.A.N.D.Y. feat. Red Eye – Rhythm & Soul (Roland Leesker Rhythm My Soul Remix)
02. Steve Lawler – Problem Child
03. German Brigante – Memories (Luke Solomon’s Main Version)
04. Zoo Brazil – Walk Right Back
05. Phuture – We Are Phuture (Spanky’s Spirit Survives Mix)
06. Roland Leesker – Thunderstorm (Cardopusher Remix)
07. DJ Pierre – Stobe Light Laser ACID (Zombie Nation Remix)
08. DJ Pierre feat. Chic Loren – I Feel Love (1979 Disco Club Mix)
09. Andre Salata – Random Flavour
10. Reboot – Pollo al Sillao (ANNA Remix)
11. Kotelett & Zadak – Your Secret
12. DJ Pierre – What Is House Muzik (Jazzuelle’s Deeper Acid Mix)
13. Leon Revol – Acid Is Rolling
14. Roland Leesker – Acid Love Vol. 1 (Continuous Mix)

As we point out in the beginning of 2017, this year celebrates 30 years of acid house. You can check some history facts about the genre in our feature 30 Years of Acid House as well as some acid house mixes put by the acid house Godfather himself – DJ Pierre and MANIK.

Get Physical label boss and artist Roland Leesker has put together the esteemed outlet’s latest essential compilation. It features 13 acid driven tracks including two exclusives that all add up to one fantastic musical journey. Artists along the way include plenty of Get Physical associates old and new such as M.A.N.D.Y., DJ Pierre, Jazzuelle and Cardopusher as well as Steve Lawler, German Brigante and Zoo Brzil.

The compilation features a track that is a tribute to Spanky – We Are Phuture by Phuture in Spanky’s Spirit Survives Mix from DJ Pierre. The remix is made in memory of Spanky after he passed away last year. The likes of Zombie Nation and ANNA take acid into colourful tech house territory and deep down a rabbit hole respectively.

This november Get Physical will release the first ever album from Chicago house luminary DJ Pierre. Meanwhile one of the singles from the LP with a special remix by Rumore & Benjamin Fröhlich is out now.

Acid Love Vol. 01 will be released as both compilation and continuous DJ mix due out December 8th by Get Physical.

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