Benjamin Frohlich – Amiata Remixes 2


Benjamin Frohlich – Amiata Remixes 2

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Amiata Remixes 2


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01. The Big Sun (Fort Romeau Remix)
02. Last Night ft. Dreamcast (Marcus Worgull Remix)
03. Pompeii Raiders (Yør Kultura Remix)
04. Last Night ft. Dreamcast (Chloé Remix)
05. Forty Trees (TB Remix)
Coda Radio – Stay Focused – Square

Ding dong! Round two of remixes from Benjamin Fröhlich’s Amiata album is ready.

Benjamin Frohlich

A great bunch of personal favourites, friends and heroes enter the ring and deliver the goods: Chloe, Fort Romeau, Marcus Worgull, Yor Kultura and Tom Bioly aka TB. All of them bring their own touch to Benjamin’s originals! They break them down to their molecular structure rearranging them into new aggregate states: From Trance to Acid, lighthearted house to hypnotic trips to keep no eyes dry and no feet on the ground.

Coda Radio – Wide

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Kraftwerk – It’s More Fun to Compute (LOR Resynthesis)

LOR е съвсем млад и прохождащ продуцент от Белфаст, а първото му EP включва три ремикса на парчета на ветерани, като Derrick Carter, Arthur Russell и настоящият върху парчето на Kraftwerk от албума им Computer World от 1981.