bassline.bg is the biggest Bulgarian portal for dance music and culture and unique as a concept on the Balkans. bassline.bg plays indispensable role in supporting the electronic music scene in Bulgaria with well curated content and quality music selection from local and international artists. bassline.bg presents news, reviews and editorial materials from the Bulgarian electronic scene as well as all over the world, artists, labels, clubs and promoters catalogue, directories and industry tools, creating an ecosystem of content and services.

Established in 2006, bassline.bg is an online magazine for dance music and culture. Started as an online drum’n’bass radio and magazine, the website went through several conceptual and visual changes over the years.

Latest v7.0 combines magazine, music and events listings targeted to dance music fans as well as artists, labels, clubs and promoters. It represents well curated audio and video content that can be continuously streamed with our bassline.bg player without interruption on desktop and mobile devices.


We think that the music and artists are the solid ground above which we want to build a dance music community that consists not only from dance music lovers, but artists, DJs, labels, clubs and promoters as well. We truly love dance music and we are interested in the persons that produce it. So we are constantly looking for new music and artists.

If you are producer, label owner, or PR you can send us promos or demos at: info(at)bassline.bg
If we like your music we will publish it at bassline.bg


bassline.bg is the biggest Bulgarian portal for dance music and culture. Read by an audience of thousands of people a month and combined with innovative and engaging advertising solutions, bassline.bg delivers a unique opportunity to forge a relationship with the electronic music community on a both local and global level. Community that consist of fans of the dance music as well as artists, labels, clubs and promoters.

bassline.bg aims to create a community of people who are interested in dance music and the culture associated with it, which is a sure sign that your brand and advertising will reach as quickly as possible to the most appropriate target group.

For more information, contact us at: info(at)bassline.bg


As the only website with such vision and target, bassline.bg is the most widely read site for dance music in Bulgaria with the largest community of fans of electronic music and people from the scene. Our unique approach to festival partnerships maximises the platform to drive brand growth, ticket sales in Eastern Europe, content and conversations amongst our readership.

Our dedicated festivals partnerships program is focused on working with large-scale festivals, events and party series in Bulgaria and the world.

For more information, contact us at e-mail: info(at)bassline.bg