The Insiders feat. Ayah – Live at Dojo Lounge, Bristol 29/09/2006

A.I. – Fat Freddy’s Drop Remix (plate)
Calibre – ‘The way You Make Me Feel’ (plate)
Invaderz – ‘So Low’ (DJ Marky remix) (plate)
The Insiders – ‘Zero Degrees’ (Horizons plate)
Survival – ‘Friendly Fire’ (plate)
Calibre – ‘Luminous’ (Soul:R)
Sonic – ‘Dreamscape’ (Bingo)
Mathematics – ‘Bells’ (Nu Directions plate)
The Insiders in the mix feat. Ayah
Recorded live at Dojo Lounge, Bristol, Sept 29th 2006.
The Insiders – ‘Lost Souls’ (plate)
Logistics – ‘Inhale’ (Hospital)
Deep Inc. – ‘Skyliner’ (plate)
Commix – ‘Hide & Seek (Metalheadz)
Calibre – ‘Like It Is’ (Innerground plate)
Commix – ‘What’s Your Sign’ (Metalheadz)
Switch – ‘Still Waters’ (Lucky Devil plate)
Icicle & Switch ‘Do I Move You’ (Lucky Devil plate)
A.I. – Robert Owens Remix (plate)
Furney – ‘Untitled’ (plate)
Survival – ‘The Sun’ (plate)
The Insiders – ‘Off The Cuff’ (Nu Directions plate)
Tronik 100 – ‘So Blind’ (plate)
Random Movement ‘She Don’t Get It’ (plate)
The Insiders feat. Ayah – ‘Meltdown’ (Metalheadz plate)
The Insiders – ‘Vengeance’ (plate)
Commix – ‘Perfect Blue’
Fierce & Optiv – ‘Surface Noise’ (Quarantine)

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