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Mathematics – 2 mixes

Sunday, June 25th, 2006

“We have been focusing on social studies quite simply. Next up we’ll have a 12” from ourselves with Mijatoho from zurich. “MOVE IT DOWN” b/w “INFILTRATE” is slotted for sostud 006. sostud 007 will see the return of Mathematics & Tactile with “CHONGA” b/w “VIBRA THEME”. then for sostud 008 we have SKC + Dis with “SALVATION” and an undecided flip at the moment. With social studies lined up with releases, we’ve been taking our time with our own music and pushing our boundaries a bit, working with NYC R&B singer and songwriter Peter Hadar. We’ve been doing a bit of experimentation, putting drum and bass into more of a song structure complete with verses, pre chorus, bridge, and chorus. It’s been realy great, but thats not to say we have lost the feel for the ‘floor. With the dancefloor still in mind we’re just trying to keep it diverse within our own sound and do something different.”

DOA mix

Mathematics @ Citadella Drum Club – 13.05.2006

NOISIA presents Vision 003 + Forthcoming Minimix

Saturday, June 24th, 2006

01.(00:00)noisia&teebee-moon palace(?)
06.(06:42)noisia-bad dreams(vision003a)
08.(08:56)noisia&bse-winter war(bselp003)
09.(10:36)noisia&shanodin-angel eyes(engine002aa)


D-Bridge – Studio Mix 2006

Saturday, June 24th, 2006

0.D-Bridge – Intro
01.Breakage – Astro (Critical)
02.Seba & Paradox – Can’t Let Go (Paradox Music)
03.Steve Survival – Red Hot (dub)
04.ES9 – Free Your Mind /D-Bridge rmx/ (06S Records)
05.Calibre – Jungle One (dub)
06.Deep Inc – Easy Groove (dub)
07.D-Bridge – Simplest Thing (dub)
08.Commix – Golden (dub)
09.D-Bridge – Late 0 8 (dub)
10.Fierce & D-Bridge – Twilight (Quarantine)
11.Fierce & DJ Optiv – Surface Noise (Quarantine)
12.D-Bridge – If You Want To Cry (dub)
13.D-Bridge – Tradition (Exit)
14.Steve Survival – Kensal Rise (Inperspektive Records)
15.L.I.S. vs Calibre – The Key (Exit)
16.D-Bridge – Outro


:: Bassline :: Launch Event :: 22.06.04 ::

Monday, June 19th, 2006 :: launch event

След дълго отсъствие, отново сме on-line. Което, според нас е повод, който трябва да се отбележи! Каним всички, приятели, партньори и просто днб фенове да заповядат да на 22.06.06 от 17.00 до 22.00 на първият етаж на Червената къща, ул.’Любен Каравелов’ 15 (Red Bed And Breakfast), да полеем новият старт на Ще има вино, бар с напитки и разбира се дръм енд бейс, пускан от Dj Solaris, Criyo, Gomez и приятели. Входът е свободен!